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    Day after day

    toward your new life 

    without the eating disorder

    With Jourvie, you come one step closer to your goal, day by day - your life without anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. With practical food diaries and tips for difficult situations, you can manage your eating disorder therapy with ease!


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  • How to use Jourvie?

    Food diary

    You can keep track of your eating habits with all the important information you would write down in a paper log - e.g. the location and time, your hunger and satiety, as well as your thoughts and feelings.


    All food diary entries are stored in your archive. You can always view and update them, export them as a file and send them to your therapist.

    Coping strategies

    Your tips and tricks for difficult situations such as food cravings, the urge to overeat or the urge to vomit. They will help you when you need support and motivation.


    An end to the noticeable logging! You can fill out your food diary discreetly without anyone knowing.


    Just a few clicks - and your food diary log is ready! In less than 1 minute you have saved all the important information.


    Keep your tail up!
    Use the strategies for better mood and more motivation.

  • Digital Food Diary

    Keep a digital food diary quickly and discreetly

    Your diaries are saved in an archive, which you can export and print as a file. This way, you can take them to your therapy session and discuss them together with your therapist.


    Just a few clicks - and your food diary is ready! In less than 1 minute you have stored all the important information.


    Don't lose your motivation!

    Use selected coping strategies for better mood and more motivation.

  • About us

    We are a non-profit initiative and our vision is:

    a world without eating disorders.

    Our mission with our first product is:
    a simpler and easier treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating,
    without inconvenient writing and piles of paper!


    Jourvie was initiated in 2013 with the aim of improving the treatment of eating disorders for those affected - by practical and discreet logs, as well as advice and motivation for the difficult moments. To achieve this, we have designed an app with these functions carefully in mind and are pleased to be able to launch it soon.


    Ekaterina was inspired to create Jourvie because of her personal experience with eating disorders. She wanted to create an app that facilitates the therapy, and takes care of the project management and the scientific partnerships of Jourvie.


    At Jourvie Vivian is responsible for Business Development. Having worked in both hardware and software, she now supports the Team with her knowledge and experience. Vivian is a firm believer in the digital health revolution and hopes to improve the sustainability of therapies with Jourvie.


    Verena studied Social Anthropology and Global Health. She works as a fundraiser for non-profit-organisations and supports Jourvie in this manner. She is happy to contribute her skills to a healthier global environment.


    Georg is the IT head of Jourvie and takes care of the apps on Android and iOS. Thanks to many years of experience in IT project management, he takes care of all technical matters in the implementation.

    Our supporters

    Jourvie would not be possible without our supporters who are passionately committed to the vision and help us with the design, the blog and the communication. Thank you!


    Do you have ideas on how to make Jourvie better and you want support us? Then just write to us using the contact form below! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Supporters and partners

    The partners who support us in our vision

    Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
    Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Charitße Universitätsmedizin Berlin

    Funded by the European Commission under the 7th European Framework Programme

    Supported by CHEST (Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks)

    AOK Nordost - a health fund for Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    University medicine Mainz - SELTIAN Study

    Finalist in the Digital Top 50, Category "Tech for good"

    1st Place in the Aspirin Sozialpreis Award by the Bayer Foundation

    Program Engagement with Perspective by the Ashoka Germany and SAP AG

    White & Case LLP - our pro bono partner for legal issues

    Creative event to support non-profits

    A concept by social impact - made possible by SAP and funded by the BMFSFJ

    We participated in a BMW Foundation  Impact Circle – a format designed to encourage leaders to work for the common good.

    Therapienetz Essstörung


    Member of the National Professional Association for Eating Disorders

    ANAD e.V.

    Civil Academy - Qualifiactions for young volunteers

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    According to § 5 TMG:
    Jourvie non-profit UG (limited liability)

    Donaustraße 25
    12043 Berlin

    Represented by:

    Ekaterina Karabasheva


    Register: AG Charlottenburg, Berlin


    Register number: HRB 162594 B


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